L88 Corvette Book - Corvette Racing Legends, 1 book Quantity

Corvette Racing Legends is a high quality hardbound book that illustrates the journey that the Chevrolet Corvette took to become a world class sports car. The L-88 option package for the Corvette was the result of years of developmental work which resulted in a factory racing option package that could be ordered from Chevrolet in a brand new Corvette. The L-88 option was only available for three brief model years from 1967 through 1969. The L-88 Corvette was so potent, that it could not only allow the new owner or driver to win a race in local competition, but it also could propel a properly prepared Corvette to stunning finishing positions in world class International races, such as the 12 Hours of Sebring and the 24 Hours of Daytona. These racing victories with the L-88 option package, made the Corvette an overnight hit. The L-88 nomenclature became synonymous with Corvettes and with champions. Although only 216 L-88 Corvettes rolled of the St. Louis Corvette Plant assembly line during these three model years, several of them were driven directly from the factory to garages for immediate race preparations. Most of the race prepared L-88 Corvettes that raced on tracks in the United States and Europe are featured in this book, and so are the predecessors that led up to the creation of the L-88 factory racing option. These are the Corvettes that started the legend.

If you are a Corvette owner or enthusiast, this book is a must for your personal collection. Most of the photographs containg in Corvette Racing Legends have never been published before, which will give even the seasoned aficionado a new and refreshing perspective of these historic racing Corvettes. This is a heavy book made with thick paper and durable covers and binding. It contains 424 pages and over 500 detailed photographs for your viewing pleasure.

The photographs in Corvette Racing Legends are authentic photographs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. They are not photographs from current vintage races.

Corvette Racing Legends features all the major drivers and their Corvettes. Names such as DeLorenzo, Thompson, Yenko, Guldstrand, and more are all featured in this thick hardback heavyweight book. Your vintage auto racing collection or Corvette collection is incomplete without this book.

This book is designed to lay flat so that you can enjoy the details of the photos that spread across 2 pages. A special Smythe stitching is used in the binding to allow you to fully enjoy the details of the oversize photography contained within Corvette Racing Legends.

I have only 12 dozen remaining books available for online orders. Order yours today, before they are all gone! Retail Price: $150.00, Enthusiast Price $89.95.

L88 Corvette Book - Corvette Racing Legends, 1 book Quantity

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